Welcome to detention!

Pencil Pushers is a game that sets players against each other in an effort to escape detention. The player that manages to sharpen more of the teachers pencils is free to leave, while the other is doomed to remain in detention FOREVER.

The Controller



Pencil Pushers is played through the use of modified Boston KS Deluxe Wall-Mount Pencil Sharpeners that behave as mice. The crank provides y-axis input and a button mounted inside the pencil shaft provides left mouse button clicks. A special driver connected to a Unity game allows for the separation of input from the mice for head-to-head action.

Future Work



Future Work includes changes to the game:

  • More special effects
  • Better messaging to the player
  • Better music and sound effects
  • Detention system (“high score” table)
  • Possible integration with Scent Palette, for which we already have an integrated Unity solution (burning pencil smell!)

And changes to the hardware:

  • Additional controller
  • Spin mount for left-hand and off-hand control
  • Vibration when sharpening